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Douglas took the time to get to know me and what was most important to me regarding the sale of my home before delving into the business side of things.

Once we were on the same page regarding my priorities, he made it all happen. I accepted an offer above asking price within a day of my property being listed. Douglas kept me updated throughout the process and even made it possible for me to sign my portion of closing documents on my way out of town. I would highly recommend Douglas to anyone looking for a good Realtor.

Mary Rosher

I chose Douglas Barnes to be my broker as he displayed an exemplary knowledge of the local area and a willingness to work with me which was indicative of the highest order of professional expertise.

I will be recommending Douglas Barnes to any contact of mine who is interested in purchasing a home. Even as the going got tough, he never gave up trying to find me the right home and through his superb ability as a broker, he eventually did just that. I cannot recommend Douglas Barnes enough. I also cannot stress enough how professional, competent, and patient he was throughout the entire home buying process. Use Douglas Barnes for your Middle Georgia home buying needs!

Sean Broyles

Douglas was available either via text, phone or email.

Douglas knew the pain and heartache that accompanied the sale of 317 Buford place and always kept my feelings into account. I am thankful that God placed Douglas in our life during this very difficult time. The process was smooth, no complications. I don’t think there is another realtor that could have done it any better. Douglas is top notch!!

Juliette Britann

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